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Electronic design and prototype development.

Links to miscellaneous web sites.

Audio Precision
Audio Precision manufactures the most versatile and accurate test equipment for measurements on analogue and digital audio equipment. The products includes the industry standard System One and System Two test sets.
audiogrid.com - Steve Ekblad's home on the web
Contains links to a lot of audio related software and web sites.
Browsers and utilities
Opera is a very fast GUI browser. It is available for Unix, MAC and Windows.
WS_FTP LE is a free FTP client for Windows.
GNU Wget
Wget is an free commandline application that allows you to download entire web sites to your local computer for off-line browsing. Wget supports HTTP, HTTPS and FTP.
Small Java-scripts that can enhance the capabilities of your browser. More than 150 scripts are available here.
JavaScript Central
Netscapes JavaScript reference manuals. The manuals can be downloaded for offline use.
Documentation for Microsoft's JScript.

Poul Petersen Garage Sale, electronic components
Poul Petersen Garage Sale, electronics tools
Poul Petersen Garage Sale, lab equipment
After some 30 years of electronic design I have a "few" things I do not use anymore.
Wotsit's Format
Contains information on almost any file format used in computers.
GC Prevue
A free Gerber, Excellon and HPGL file viewer for Windows.
eDrawings and SolidWorks Viewer are free software that displays SolidWorks 3D drawings and AutoDesk dxf and dwg files.
Autodesk DWF Viewer is free software that displays 2D and 3D AutoCAD files.
P-CAD Schematic Viewer and P-CAD PCB Viewer are free software that displays files in P-CAD formats.
Camtastic Viewer is free and will import, display and print Gerber, Excellon, HPGL and AutoCAD files.
As of 1. July 2008, Altium has ceased development of P-CAD and encourage their costumers to migrate to Altium Designer.
LT spice
LT Spice is a fully featured, free Spice circuit simulator, schematic capture and waveform viewer provided by Linear Technology. The simulator has several enhancements over the "normal" Spice simulators, speeding up analog simulations and allowing it to simulate switching regulators. It comes with models for a large number of Linear Technology's switching regulators and OP-AMPs. This is one of the few GUI Spice simulators where the .cir (ASCII) file format is documented.
MPLAB IDE is a free assembler, simulator and programmer for Microchip PIC microcontrollers.
Quartus II Web Edition programs and simulates Altera's programmable ICs.
The software is free, but a new license is required every 3 months.
GSview is a GUI for Ghostscript, that reads and writes postscript, bitmap and PDF files. It reads most PDF files and is much faster than Adobe Acrobat Reader.
OpenOffice.org is a free Open Source office suite containing texteditor, spreadsheet, presentationprogram, drawingprogram, HTML editor, formula editor, business card editor and label editor. Apart from its own file formats, OpenOffice reads and writes files in these formats: Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, Starwriter, Data Interchange Format, dBASE, Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft PowerPoint, AutoCAD Interchange Format, Graphics Interchange Format and Encapsulated PostScript.
OpenOffice is available for Windows, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD and MacIntosh.
Stone's Software
Stone's TextTool is the best Windows ASCII editor I know. TextTool opens several files and has coloring for HTML, Java, Pascal and C syntax.
ScreenHunter from Wisdom-soft is a very easy to use screen capture application for Windows. It is available in a free version and in commercial versions with more features.
TeamViewer is an easy to use application for remote access and PC support over network. It works through firewalls and NAT. The "customer" application will run without installation from a non-administrator account. TeamViewer is free for non-commercial use.

Web publishing
Commercial service for optimizing web sites.
One of the most comprehensive sites for information on search engines. Among the information provided is search engine sizes, all the major search engine's search and indexing methods, how to write meta tags, how to improve your rating in search engines, search engine spamming and much more. The site is divided into a public section and a section for subscribers only.
A commercial service, that index and check all links to and from your website. If you subscribe to this service, you will receive an email each time a new broken link is discovered. A weekly email tells you which links are broken on the site, and tells you about pages that have been moved to another URL. A 30 day trial subscription is available.
World Wide Web Consortium
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) defines the standards for the fileformats used on the internet.
W3C validator
Free validation service for HTML code, style sheets and broken links.
Search engines
De Gule Sider på Internettet
Danish Yellow Pages.
Kraks vejviser
Comprehensive index over Danish companies and persons. It also have a searchable Danish street map.
The world's largest search engine. Several other search engines uses results from Google.
EE ProductCenter
The most comprehensive database for electronic components, that I know of.
Experts Exchange
A knowledge database with information on computer software and hardware. Topics covers Linux, Windows 3.x/95/98/NT, Games, Macintosh, OS/2, modems, printers, networking, databases, programming and www authoring just to mention a few.
A meta search engine that submits your search to Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, About, looksmart, overture, findwhat and returns the results in an ordered list with duplicates removed.
MetaCrawler can filter the search results based on several criteria, among these language.

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