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APWIN utility programs.

The APWIN utility programs are a collection of data processing programs for Audio Precision's APWIN audio test software. The programs allows data to be shared between the APWIN audio test software and the Microsim PSpice circuit simulator, so that simulated data can be used as reference or limit data for measurements or measured data can be transferred to PSpice for use as circuit models.

APWIN2PS is an APWIN macro that will export the data currently in APWIN memory to a format readable by PSpice, allowing you to use measured data for simulation models. The output from APWIN2PS can be saved to disk or copied to the Windows Clipboard.
APWIN2PS user's manual

PS2APWIN is an APWIN macro that extracts AC, DC, Noise, Transient, Monte Carlo or Worst Case data for up to 6 variables from the .PRINT listing in a PSpice output file. This data can then be imported into APWIN memory, allowing you to use simulation data as a reference for measurements or as data for limit files.
PS2APWIN user's manual

APDEDIT is an APWIN macro that will copy data between meters, copy upper or lower data values between meters or between multiple traces within meters and it can delete meters or delete appended or nested sweep data from meters. The primary application for APDEDIT is to edit data imported from PSpice simulations with PS2APWIN.
APDEDIT user's manual

NBW is an APWIN macro that calculates the noise bandwidth of all amplitude versus frequency data currently in APWIN memory. This is useful during circuit design to verify that the circuit's noise bandwidth is as expected.
NBW user's manual

The use of the APWIN utility programs is subject to Poul Petersen's Software license agreement.

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