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Thermally coupling two TO-92 transistors.


Thermally coupling two TO-92 transistors.

In some cases you need to get 2 TO-92 transistors to track thermally.
This is easily done by inserting the 2 cases into one end of a piece of 6.0 mm heat-shrink sleeving and heating it slowly.
I normally hold it around 10 mm above a hot soldering iron for 5..10 minutes.
Do not use more heat than that (like a paint-stripper) as it is very likely the transistors will be destroyed.
For optimal thermal contact, use a little non-conductive compound.
If it is 2 different transistor types, cut one lead on one of them a little shorter so you know the pin-out of the assembly.
If you use more than one type of assembly for a project, use different colored tubing.

Transistors after shrinking.
Fig.1: Transistors after shrinking the tubing.

Transistors after shrinking and cutting.
Fig.2: Transistors after cutting away excessive tubing.

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