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Electronic design and prototype development.

These are some selected examples of test & measurement equipment I have been involved in designing. Some products sold under my own brand name - PP - are also included.
The examples includes cabletester / fusetester / batterytester - PP type CT01, PC ISA card preamplifier and power supply for loudspeaker measurement microphone - PP type MI02, white noise and pink noise generator for loudspeaker power testing according to AES specification - PP type NG01, PC sound card based stepped sinewave generator for initial frequency response adjustment on video recorders.

Cable tester
Cable-, fuse-, and battery-tester, PP type CT01
A handy cable tester for test of cables with XLR and ¼" jack connectors. The tester has 4 keys and 8 high-intensity LEDs to provide a clear and unambiguous indication of the cable connections.
I have designed the circuits, the PCB, the mechanics and test procedure and manufactured and tested 50 cable testers.
PP CT01 datasheet
Microphone amplifier
Measurement microphone amplifier, PP type MI02
A half-length PC ISA expansion card that contains a galvanically isolated power supply and a microphone amplifier. With this card and a signal processing card mounted in a PC, a complete, portable loudspeaker measurement system can be realized. The microphone amplifier can be powered from the PC or from an external 5 V power supply.
Some key features are:
  • Balanced, low noise microphone amplifier.
  • -20 dB to 40 dB gain in 10 dB steps.
  • 91 dB to 124 dB dynamic range.
  • 28 V supply voltage output.
  • 48 V phantom supply output.
  • 120 V microphone pre-amplifier supply voltage output.
  • 200 V microphone polarization voltage output.
I have designed the circuits and the PCB, a PC controlled test procedure and manufactured and tested 10 amplifiers.
PP MI02 datasheet
Noise generator
Noise generator for loudspeaker power testing, PP type NG01
19" 1-unit noise generator that deliver white or pink noise with crest-factors of 3 dB, 6 dB or 9 dB.
The noise source in this generator is an ultra-low-noise op-amp, as this component has a very linear noise spectrum in the 20 Hz - 20 KHz frequency range and a very well defined and stable noise level.
I have designed the circuits, the PCB, the mechanics and test procedure and manufactured and tested 3 noise generators.
Sine wave generator
Automatic, stepped frequency sine wave generator
This generator generates a 50 mS sequence of 4 tones and a pause for initial alignment of video recorders. When this signal is displayed on an oscilloscope, it is easy to see if the frequency response of the recorder is linear. The hardware for this generator is a PC with a sound card. Each of the 5 tones used for the sound card was generated with Audio Precision's APWIN software and translated into WAV format (the pause signal is a 1 kHz, -120 dBfs tone). The 5 tones was merged and expanded into a 10 seconds file with the Sound Recorder program, that is part of WIN95.
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