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Electronic design and prototype development.

These are some selected examples of software, that I have developed for my own use, for general sale or from customer specification.
The examples includes an Audio Precision System One (S1.EXE) procedure update utility - PP type APVERS, a bidirectional interface between the Audio Precision System One audio test system and the Microsim Pspice circuit simulator - PP type APXPS, software for demonstration of a new audio tape type at a trade show.

Audio Precision software
Audio Precision procedure update utility, PP type APVERS
APVERS is a DOS program that updates a directory of Audio Precision System One (S1.EXE) procedure files to a new version. Files in a directory matching a search pattern (for example *.PRO) are read by the program, and those with a S1 procedure header (PROCEDUREv) will have their version updated after a back-up file has been saved.
To reduce the risk of updating procedure files that may conflict with a new version of S1.EXE, APVERS includes a keyword scanner that will search for up to ten different keywords (for example PANEL/R). APVERS will report all instances of the selected keywords and optionally prevent the procedure update.
Audio Precision System One / Microsim PSpice interface PP type APXPS
APXPS is a DOS based bidirectional interface between the Audio Precision System One audio test system and the Microsim PSpice circuit analysis software.
This utility enables you to combine calculated and measured data within the working environment of System One or PSpice.
Calculated data can be transferred to S1.EXE and used as a reference for measurements or as data for limit files.
Measured data can be transferred to PSpice providing real-life models of complex components like for example loudspeakers.
APXPS consists of the 3 programs AP2PS, PS2AP and SPMODEL.

AP2PS converts 2 or 3 data columns from a S1.EXE ASCII data file to the following tables for use within a PSpice circuit file :
E<name><+node><-node> TABLE (<expression>) = data
E<name><+node><-node> FREQ (<expression>) = data
G<name><+node><-node> TABLE (<expression>) = data
G<name><+node><-node> FREQ (<expression>) = data
I<name><+node><-node> PWL data
V<name><+node><-node> PWL data
AP2PS accepts any measurement unit used by the S1.EXE software.

PS2AP extracts AC, DC, Noise, Transient, Monte Carlo or Worst Case data for one or two variables from the .PRINT listing in a PSpice output file and converts these into a S1.EXE ASCII data file.
PS2AP can generate outputs with any unit used by S1.EXE software.

To achieve maximum flexibility, AP2PS and PS2AP will convert any input value into any output value (Hz to V for example). Units like % or dB are of course scaled properly. The programs will handle files with up to 13000 data points.

SPMODEL generates a PSpice model for a loudspeaker from measured data.
The model can include measured data for:

  • Voice coil impedance magnitude.
  • Voice coil impedance phase.
  • Acoustical output magnitude.
  • Acoustical output phase.
APWIN utilities
The APWIN utility programs contains the APXPS software in versions for Audio Precision's APWIN software. See APWIN software for a detailed description.
Demonstration software
Demonstration test program for trade show
This demonstration shows the benefits of a new analogue audio tape type by comparing its technical performance to an established industry standard tape type. The test setup consists of an Audio Precision System One audio analyzer, a high performance tape recorder, a small keypad for use by trade show guests and a PC with a 17" screen. The PC controls the System One, the tape recorder and the keypad. Samples of the two tape types are placed on the reels of the tape recorder and the test program keeps track of which type is currently under test. The test will show the performance of a 1 KHz sine wave FFT spectrum,  3rd. harmonic distortion versus level or A weighted noise for the two tape types. The test results are displayed graphically on the PC screen with results for the two tape types overlaid for easy comparison. The keypad selects between FFT spectrum test, 3rd. harmonic distortion test, noise test, autorun or stop. All measured data are compared to predefined performance limits to avoid running the tests with worn out tapes. When a performance limit is exceeded, the program prompts the stand staff to replace the tapes.
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