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The boards are designed to be hand-solderable and they are mainly built with through-hole components.
A few boards contains a few SMD components either because the SMD version of a component is considerably cheaper than the through-hole version or because the component is only available as SMD.
Where SMD components are used, the footprint is very large for ease of soldering.

PCB specification:
Material: 1.6 mm FR-4.
Silk-screen: White.
Solder-mask: Green.
Plating: ENIG ( Note 1 ).
Edges: Routed.

Table 1: List of my currently available boards. Weight is approximate and is included for postage calculation.
PCB nameProjectNoteSizeWeightPrice
BG01BSine wave burst generator.87 x 56 mm16 g€10.00
HA01FUniversal 16 Ω to 600 Ω headphone amplifier.119 x 115 mm45 g€19.00
IA19A2-channel transformer balanced input amplifier.246 x 76 mm11 g€8.00
IL01CCurrent load for power supply measurement.100 x 100 mm34 g€15.00
LR02AHeadphone DC protection relay.51 x 97 mm17 g€10.00
MA01ALow noise measurement pre-amplifier.82 x 87 mm22 g€12.00
OI01AOverload indicator.51 x 61 mm10 g€6.00
PS25ALow-noise PSU post-regulator.369 x 89 mm21 g€11.00
PS28ALow-power power supply.46 x 97 mm29 g€10.00
PT01APhantom voltage tester.412.5 x 32 mm1 g€5.00
RA12ASingle supply MM RIAA amplifier.55 x 67 mm11 g€8.00
Note 1ENIG plating ( or chemical gold ) is a very thin gold plating. It is the lead-free plating that is easiest to solder.
I have seen claims that this plating will improve the audio-quality of a PCB. That is not true - it has no influence on the audio-quality.
Note 2One IC has dual SMD / through-hole footprints.
Note 3My current batch of PCBs have red solder-mask.
Note 4This is an all-SMD design.


I normally ship small items as certified letters via the local postal office.
I can ship via courier if necessary, but it is very expensive from here.

Table 2: "Certified Letter" prices for 2017:
WeightTo SpainTo Europe and GreenlandTo the rest of the world
Up to 50 g€3.25€4.55€4.85
Up to 100 g€3.65€5.25€6.10
Up to 500 g€4.85€9.30€12.85
Up to 1 kg€7.50€15.60€23.95
Up to 2 kg€7.90€23.20€39.90


Payment: PayPal or via bank-transfer.
Please email me for availability and with your address as it must appear on the package BEFORE paying.

PCBs for solder-practice.

I have some boards from prototypes that does not work (as expected).
The boards are 2-layers with solder mask and ENIG plating.
You can have one or two for free with any PCB order (you pay the shipping).
The boards have been cut in half with a blunt instrument, so one edge is very rough.
I recommend that you sand this edge with sand-paper to avoid too much fiber-glass in your fingers.
Use sand-paper - almost any sharp tool will be worthless afterwards.
This offer is valid only as long I have left-over boards.

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