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Adapter boards.



These are a number of small boards I made as I could not buy them anywhere.

AB01, TO-263-5 to TO-220-5 adapter board.

This board was made for the LM2585T as I occasionally have problems getting the through hole package.
When the board is hand-soldered, as on the photo, it is only useful for low-power applications.
If you have the tools to reflow-solder it, it should have same ( or a little better ) thermal performance as the through-hole type.

TO-263-5 to TO-220-5 adapter board photo.
Fig.1: AB01 board. Size is 12.7 * 20.3 mm.

See the PCBs page for pricing and availability.

AB02, C&K style rotary switch board.

This board was made as I often have problems soldering wires onto the PCB terminals on these switches without melting the plastic.
This is particularly true for the cheap ( non C&K ) types as the one shown in the photo.

C&K style rotary switch board photo.
Fig.2: AB02 board. Size is ∅27.5 mm.

The board fits the 30° index types with 1, 2 or 4 poles. It does not fit the 3-pole types.

See the PCBs page for pricing and availability.

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