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This is a list of some of the products I manufactured in the period 1990 to 2000.
I included this list as I still get questions about some of the products.

Cable-, fuse- and battery tester CT01.
A small hand held or table top unit for testing or making cables with XLR or TRS connectors.

Phantom powered direct inject box DI02.
A compact, phantom powered direct-inject (DI) box for connecting a high-impedance music instrument signal to a mixing-console's microphone input.

Gramophone preamplifier with feedback canceling filter RA03.
A gramophone amplifier that reduces the effect of acoustical feedback from the loudspeakers to the gramophone.

Modular loudspeaker cross-over network XO01.
2 channel 2-way / 1 channel 3/4-way cross-over network.
All filters and processing are on plug-in modules making it easy to optimize the system for different purposes.
Input module IA18.
Limiter module LI06.

Measurement microphone amplifier MI02.
This amplifier and power supply can be installed in a PC's half length slot, providing a microphone front end for an audio processing card.
The power supply provides the voltages necessary to drive a 48 V phantom powered microphone or a Brüel&Kjær condenser microphone.

Optoisolator For I²C-Bus Serial Interface II01.

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