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DI02 is a compact, phantom powered direct-inject (DI) box, that provides the impedance- and level-matching required when a high-impedance music instrument signal must be connected to a mixing-console's microphone input.
DI02's high impedance input - brought out on two paralleled ¼" jack connectors for easy line signal linking - and its symmetrical, low impedance output, insure that almost any high-impedance signal can be tapped and fed to a long microphone line without loss of signal quality.
To allow a wide input level range, the DI02 is equipped with a 2-position gain switch.
Generally the -20 dB position is used, allowing signals of up to 30 dBu to be fed into a microphone input accepting a 0 dBu input signal, but some low level signals may require use of the 0 dB position, where the output noise from the DI02 is below that of most microphone inputs'.
DI02's 2.5 mm rectangular aluminum enclosure guarantees a long life on stage and allows easy packing of any number of units for transportation.

DI02 photo.


Pad = -20 dBPad = 0 dB
Input impedance470 KΩ
Max. input level34 dBu14 dBu
Voltage gain-30 dB-10 dB
Output impedance200 Ω
Frequency range7 Hz - 28 KHz7 Hz - 120 KHz
THD+N (0 dBu, 1 KHz output)0.002 %
THD+N (0 dBu, 20 Hz - 20 KHz output)< 0.1 %
IMD (0 dBu, 60 Hz / 7 kHz output)0.002 %
Output noise (22 Hz - 22 kHz RMS, Rs = 0)-113 dBu-122 dBu
Output noise (22 Hz - 22 kHz RMS, Rs = 10 KΩ)-113 dBu -120 dBu
Input / link jack type¼" normal jack
Input / link jack connections(Sleeve, ring, tip)Gnd, Gnd, High
Output 3-pole XLR connections (pin 1, pin 2, pin 3)Gnd, High, Low
Size, weight42 mm / 60 mm / 110 mm, 270 g

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