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This design is no longer in production.

CT01 is an invaluable tool for pro-audio people. It combines a cable tester, a fuse tester and a battery tester in a compact, rugged enclosure that fits in a hand or on the work-bench.
The cable tester will test any combination of 3 pin XLRs and ¼" jack connectors. High intensity LEDs for each connection to the input and output connectors gives a clear and unambiguous indication of the cable's connections.
To assist in soldering cables, the XLR's pin connections are printed on the front panel of the CT01.
Fuses are tested by placing them across the XLR shells and pressing the Shell key. Further applications for the fuse tester are testing of incandescent lamps, diodes, LEDs, loudspeaker voice coils etc.
The battery tester is designed for testing 9 V PP3 alkaline batteries for almost full capacity.
The battery to be tested is connected across the XLR shells.
If the terminal voltage is over 8.5 V at a 40 mA load, the input shell LED lights up.

CT01 photo.



Max. test lead resistance25 ohms
Pin test current30 mA
Shell test current40 mA
Battery test current40 mA
Battery test threshold voltage8.5 V
Internal battery9 V PP3 size
Size46 * 65 * 120 mm
Weight240 g

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