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The list below shows the voltage gain for some power amplifiers from Amcron (Crown).
Some amplifiers have selectable gain and are listed for each gain selection.
The amplifier's specifications are taken from user manuals or service manuals.
Any use of data from this list is on your own risk and responsibility.
Please refer to your amplifier's documentation for up-to-date specifications.
Numbers in bold are calculated values.
TypeSettingRated powerInput sensitivityVoltage gain
K226dB475 / 8 ohms3.09V26dB
K21.4V475 / 8 ohms1.4V32.9dB
MACRO-TECH 12000.775V330 / 8 ohms0.775V36.4dB
MACRO-TECH 120026dB330 / 8 ohms2.6V26dB
MACRO-TECH 24000.775V555 / 8 ohms0.775V38.7dB
MACRO-TECH 240026dB555 / 8 ohms3.1V26dB
MACRO-TECH 50000.775V1300 / 8 ohms0.775V42.4dB
MACRO-TECH 50001.4V1300 / 8 ohms1.4V37.2dB
MACRO-TECH 500026dB1300 / 8 ohms5.1V26dB
MACRO-TECH 6000.775V245 / 8 ohms0.775V35.1dB
MACRO-TECH 60026dB245 / 8 ohms2.2V26dB
MICRO-TECH 10000.775V280 / 8 ohms0.775V35.7dB
MICRO-TECH 100026dB280 / 8 ohms2.2V26dB

Manufacturers: AB International, Amcron (Crown), Carver, Cerwin Vega, Dynacord, Harrison, HH Electronics, JBL, NAD.
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