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POUL PETERSEN - or PP - is a minor, highly specialized firm, exclusively dedicated to advanced electronic design and development - mainly within the analogue field of pro-audio and studio equipment.
Based on activity in the research and development area since 1980, I can place an optimum of comprehensive experience at your disposal and hence assist you from any level in the process towards a practical and well balanced, final result.

The best and most efficient way to take advantage of the ultimate service I can offer, starts when our mutual agreement can be made in the early state of your project - or even better - before the project is specified.
In this way both parties are given the possibility to exchange knowledge and experience, specify wishes and demands concerning the final product and also to decide, whether the main goal of development and design shall highlight minimum cost, minimum size, visual impression, discrete component circuitry only, no overall feedback, production volume - or any other parameters.

Circuit design may be based upon your full or partial specification or I can start from scratch in order to transfer your ideas into a functional prototype, forming the basis for a matured product.
Before an idea results in a matured product, a process of several steps must be executed - circuit design followed by circuit simulation and testing, mechanical design, PCB lay-out, maybe embedded micro controller programming, prototype manufacturing and testing, prototype evaluation, description of procedure for production and test - just to mention some.

Some examples of designs I have been involved in through the years.

The DIY pages.

The Notes pages. Some notes on different subjects.

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